What if I open to someone and it confirms that something is really wrong with me?! What if they don’t understand and I feel more alone? What if it’s so uncomfortable and awkward I want to crawl into the couch and disappear? Reaching out for help is risky. Feeling alone in your pain, fear and anxiety may be riskier. Being scared to reach out for help is natural but it can perpetuate these feelings and give them more power. Sharing the burden with someone else who cares, doesn’t judge and can offer help can be profoundly relieving…and healing. Kindness, acceptance, warmth and the beginnings of trust are what I hope all of my clients feel upon our first meeting. That’s the foundation, the bedrock, and we go from there.

I’m excited to announce the birth of my new practice, Riverbank Counseling! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the other therapists at Porch Light Counseling. It’s a special group of people and I feel grateful to have worked with all of them. And now I’m excited to be sharing my new practice with the Asheville community!

The details: I am at the same location – 44 Merrimon Avenue. I’ve launched a new website that has been a lot of fun to create and I encourage you to check it out. I have a Facebook page that wasn’t as fun to create but I still encourage you to check out (I’m still somewhat FB averse!). My contact phone number is the same (828) 782-3050 and my new email address is andrew@riverbankcounseling.com

I have a tender spot in my heart for dads. I tear up when I watch scenes in movies that include “dad moments” like the scene in Field of Dreams when he finally gets to play catch with his dad on that magical field.  I was like this even before I had children (I have twin 7 year old boys) and now it’s amplified! I love working with dads and helping them make one of the most important, difficult and beautiful transitions of their lives.  

I work with couples, as well as individuals, who are struggling in some aspect of their relationship. Being in a relationship isn’t easy…well maybe it is at first, but that passes! Why is it that we get most upset at the people we love? Why do they bring out the best and the “worst” in us? Attachment theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy have a lot to say in response to those questions. My work with clients on issues in their relationships is grounded in these two philosophies/approaches.

When I first entered the field of mental health I wanted to work with people in their late teens/early twenties who are making the transition from a structured/guided life (high school, college, home) to the unknown and unscripted period of early adulthood. This is such a rich and powerful time. This launch into the world can engender so many conflicting feelings - excitement about the possibilities, confusion about your identity, hope for the future, despair about the future, invigoration from newfound freedom, resentment of newfound responsibility – just to name a few. I really enjoy working with clients who are in the midst of this transition in their lives.

I’m excited about this transition and would love to hear from you if you have questions, want to hear more about my practice, or are interested in starting counseling.