As we shared with you several weeks ago, Porch Light Counseling is coming to an end.  We have been incredibly lucky to support each other as we took on the somewhat daunting task of starting a private practice, and now it’s time for us to branch out on our own.  I’d love to share with you how I will be taking this next step.

As I continue in private practice, my therapeutic work continues in much the same way it did as part of Porch Light Counseling.  I love working with both individuals and couples, teens through adults, as they navigate difficult life transitions.  I specialize in the reproductive, including infertility, and pregnancy and postpartum experience, and have been certified by Postpartum Support International.  Having gone through my own journey of infertility and loss, and then through the wonderful but terrifying shift of becoming a parent, my resolve to work with those clients strengthened.   I love helping that new parent who’s struggling with postpartum anxiety or depression, or with trying to adapt to their new identity, and the new identity of their relationship with their partner. I also love working with folks who are experiencing difficult transitions in their lives, such as a recent breakup or divorce, or a change in career.

I love being able to help people get back to a place where they feel connected with themselves, and their partners.

I take pride in hosting a space that is accepting, non-judgmental, and warm, and invite folks of any race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious/spiritual beliefs.  I am very comfortable talking about these pieces of our identities and welcome those sometimes challenging conversations.

In addition to continuing the therapeutic work I have always done, I am also starting to focus more intentionally on photography.  Using the camera as a medium to explore people has been a love of mine since before I even started down the therapist road, and I’m finally allowing myself to indulge in this passion professionally.  I specialize in early childhood, family, and events.

I will continue my work in the wonderful supportive space I am lucky to be part of, at 44 Merrimon Ave.  I also continue to be paneled with BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, and Healthgram and also accept out of pocket and out of network.  If you think that we may be a good match, and you’re interested in speaking more, please call me at 828-970-8837.  You’re also welcome to email me at or explore my new website for more information at


I look forward to connecting with you!



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