I am thrilled to announce my new private practice, Heirloom Counseling. As I spent time developing my practice and exploring what I wanted to offer in our community, I looked everywhere for signs pointing to the perfect name. I knew I wanted to continue the attachment work I already do with individuals and couples as well as the support I provide to people who are experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. While I was attending a training retreat in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee, I walked up to a giant bookshelf in the training center and chose a book. I opened it and in giant letters, I saw the word Heirloom and that was that (I love when that happens!). 

The name is a reflection of the work I facilitate with clients to support them in consciously passing down loving, supportive experiences to their children and families. Heirloom also captures the fact that we were given experiences and memories in our own families of origin—sometimes beautiful and wonderful, sometimes uncomfortable and even scary. I tell my clients that anyone who has ever had a family knows how challenging it can be to negotiate our own mix of memories with the experiences we want to give to our own families. 

We can see this in our relationship with our partner, our partner’s family, our own family of origin as our family grows, and our children. Heirloom also honors the importance of the quality of our attachment relationships with the most precious people in our lives. These patterns of relating sneak into many relationships in our lives and can make us joyful or miserable. My goal is to support clients in creating as much joy in their lives as possible, and I believe relationships are critical to experiencing happiness, connection, and community. 

I will continue to provide support for parents experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, people moving through major life transitions, and people diagnosed with chronic or acute illnesses. 

I am also excited to introduce my new website for Heirloom Counseling. Here you can find more information about the services I’m providing in my new practice, as well as a video where I share my passion for supporting people in their growth and healing. You can also like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram (@heirloomcounseling) for updates about my practice, and there is a newsletter sign-up at the bottom of each website page.

My practice location will stay the same—I love my office at 44 Merrimon (and having a parking lot!), so you can find me there most days during the week.

If you have any questions about this shift or are interested in beginning your healing work, you can contact me here. I am so grateful for the continued support in our community and for the clients I have the privilege of working with. I am honored to continue this work and share lots of exciting workshops and information with you over the next few months!