Sharing this week’s blog with you is bittersweet as we are using it as an opportunity to share that the collective known as Porch Light Counseling is coming to an end. This summer, the therapists who make up Porch Light Counseling will begin to focus on developing our individual practices separately.

Before we elaborate on the changes we are envisioning, we want to pause and reassure you about the things that will not change. None of the Porch Light therapists are “going out of business,” moving out of Asheville, or significantly changing the work they do with their current clients. If you’re a current client at Porch Light Counseling, this shift in how we collaborate with one another will not affect anything about your relationship with your therapist.


When Porch Light Counseling was conceived almost 2 years ago, the tasks associated with creating a private therapy practice from the ground up seemed daunting. We all agreed that it was so much easier to take this leap of faith together than it would have been on our own.  If we’d had to do it alone, we might not have had the courage to do it at all. Anyone who has participated in a joint business venture knows the effort and energy it takes to make that collaboration successful. In addition to the fundamentals of running a business, sharing a business has it’s own rewards and challenges.


Over the past year and a half, we have each grown tremendously. We have delved into our individual therapeutic passions and expanded our knowledge. What we have recognized is that our paths are now differentiated. We have clear goals and ways we desire to support our clients; we want to give one another the freedom and space to pursue our varied interests. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have entered into private practice together and support one another, and we will be cheering each other on as we stretch and grow and follow our passions toward new collaborations.

In the next weeks, you’ll be hearing from each of us about the directions we hope to take in our individual practices. We hope that you’ll join us in our excitement about this transition and continue to follow us as the next step of our journey continues to take shape.



Photo by: Pixabay