This week we are introducing you to the final new member of our team, Tamara Hanna, LPC.  

At first glance, you may not immediately understand how grief and making families connects.  But, as many of us know, sometimes painfully, they do.  There is SO much grief in the world of perinatal mental health that it should be its own specialty.

There is the obvious grief of course; for example, dealing with the grief of losing a baby, whether by miscarriage or stillbirth.  

But there is also the not so obvious grief.  The grief of losing part of your previous identity as you adjust to the role of a parent.  The grief of losing your “previous” relationship with your significant other, as you adjust to a new, more complex relationship.  

There’s the grief of infertility.  Soooooo much grieving can happen through the painful and repetitive cycles of hoping and dreaming and wanting to expand your family, only to have that dream shattered again and again.

There is grief with adoption, both on the adoptee and the adopting end, no matter how beautiful the process is.    

There’s the grief of letting go of your dream of a healthy baby, when adjusting to a baby with special needs or illness.

Finally, there’s the grief of our childhoods, which can be so highlighted and triggered when we make our own families.

At Porch Light Counseling, we know that grief support is integral to the work we do.  That’s why we are incredibly lucky to have an amazing new grief support specialist on our team.  Tamara Hanna, LPC, has spent most of her career focusing on grief.  She is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute, and grief is her passion.  She works hard to help people move through grief, loss, change, transitions… in other words, LIFE.  

In her words:

Whether it is trauma, difficult and disappointing parents or family, or a series of miserable relationships-- I’m not afraid of going deep because I believe people can come out better on the other side.

We at Porch Light Counseling are so grateful to have Tamara as part of our team.  Click here to learn more about Tamara and the work she does.