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I believe that recovery is possible for everyone. People can and do recover- from trauma, addiction, mental illness, loss and broken hearts. Some do it on their own and some may need a little help. I have been in recovery from addiction for almost twenty years- nearly half of my life. Recovery has shaped me; it guided me into this work. The knowledge that recovery is possible keeps me going in this work. Recovery is a process and I meet people where they are in the process. Sometimes “where you are” is an uncomfortable place. You may feel scared and desperate. In an effort to cope with your feelings, you may be doing things that are making your situation worse. My substance use was driven by a desire for acceptance, safety and love. But my behavior as an addict was destructive, dangerous and left me profoundly lonely and alienated. What I was doing made sense on one level and was totally irrational on another.  In order for recovery to happen for me, I had to consider and weigh these seemingly opposing truths. I had to see the validity in both in order to find a way out. Effective therapy gives us skills and helps us to change problematic behavioral patterns but it also encourages compassionate self- acceptance. The art of therapy lies in acknowledging the paradox and finding a way of being in the world that feels balanced and authentic.

          I have counseled in a variety of settings, including inpatient mental health and substance abuse, residential treatment, private practice and the mental health clinics of the VA. I have worked with addicts, combat veterans, survivors of sexual trauma, college students struggling with depression and anxiety and professional people negotiating difficult life transitions. Most recently I was the Counseling Coordinator at Helpmate where I worked with survivors of intimate partner violence.

           As an intensively trained DBT therapist, I have a great deal of experience with self-harm behaviors- including addiction, deliberate self injury and self-sabotaging interpersonal patterns. Often these behaviors signify a disruption or trauma somewhere in our developmental history. Some folks choose to delve deeper and to explore these issues. Others prefer to stay in the here and now. It is up to you.

         Another area of interest and expertise is high conflict relationships, ranging from struggles with parenting teenagers to intimate partner relationships in which conflict has escalated to violence or abuse. What clinical and personal experience has shown me is that there is no one way of understanding these things. I can’t offer you a palliative or give you “advice”, but I can collaborate with you in navigating this emotional terrain. 

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Master of Social Work (MSW) from Columbia University

Trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

Trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (C007179)


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