Breathing Room: A Space To Build Queer & Trans Resilience

Breath is a broom sweeping your insides. Smooth and slow: You pull scattered bits of dream fluff and heart dust into neat piles. Short and quick: You coax shards of broken thoughts out of forgotten corners. Breath is a broom sweeping you fresh.” - from Twist: Yoga Poems by Janet. S. Wong.

When it feels like the world is closing in on you, you need to find some breathing room. Space to reconnect with yourself. Space to connect with safe(r) people. We seek to offer a physical space where queer and trans people can have a cup of tea, sit in quiet reflection, or share their joys and concerns with other queer and trans people. No counseling; no support group. Just some breathing room. We hope you’ll join us for a breath or two.

This space will be available at designated times throughout the spring and summer. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be notified when the Breathing Room is open.

Guiding Principles:

Queer and trans/non-binary/gender nonconforming people have often turned to each other and the communities we create for healing. We offer these guiding principles to communicate our vision for the space and our expectations for the participants who share this space. (Thank you to the organizers of the Sex Down South Conference for inspiring this list.)

  • We understand that prioritizing the voices, feelings, and experiences of marginalized people and survivors of violence is the best way to make our space welcoming, affirming and as safe as possible.
  • We acknowledge that white supremacy, transphobia, misogyny, transmisogyny, homophobia, cissexism and other forms of oppression are violence and take a daily toll on the nervous systems of those targeted by them.
  • We understand that these systems of oppression are interlocking and reinforce one another. (Read more about intersectionality.)
  • We are intentional about examining our privilege and understand that it is possible to experience privilege and oppression simultaneously.
  • We believe survivors when they tell us about the violence they have experienced.
  • We affirm each person's evolving experience of their gender identity and respect the words they use to describe this experience.
  • Transwomen are women (if that's how they identify). (Read this one example of why this is important to state.)

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